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Françoise CORMIER REISS founded the Law firm Cabinet Cormier Reiss in February 2009, after a successful experience of more than 20 years in a major industrial company, in private practice in one of the biggest European Industrial Property Attorney firm, and in a Law firm specialized in the protection of luxury products, perfumery, fashion and pharmaceuticals. The Law firm Cormier Reiss & Associes was incorporated in 2012, in association with Schmit Chretien IP Attorneys. Titles

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We audit the existing rights, and work to define and implement a strategy to protect and defend the intellectual property rights of our clients, both in France and worldwide. This approach is tailored to the budget of clients, and to its field of business.

After consolidating the intellectual property rights, our office negotiates license and assignment agreements with third parties, and monitors an effective anti-counterfeiting survey, especially with the Customs authorities.

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